“Working for the Common Good” 

I am available for consultation to individuals, organizations, agencies, and systems.

I am an experienced clinical supervisor and consultant, and have provided this service to therapists at all levels of experience from internship to established practice. I’ve worked with teachers, child care providers, residential treatment staff, and direct care human service staff on individual client problem solving.

I love the challenges that community programs take on with such passion and energy — and I understand the counterbalancing difficulties encountered in doing so.    The urgency of need creates a constant pressure, and it can be difficult to protect the time, space, and perspective needed for quality, sustainable programs.  I can help organizations reflect on the people they serve; the problems they address; and the theory of change they bring to the effort.  I offer a systematic approach to defining organizational and professional outcomes, purpose, goals, objectives, and implementation strategies.   I’ve had considerable experience in addressing these questions not only within organizations, but in cross-system collaborations as well.     

 I am particularly interested in helping organizations recruit, develop, and retain professional staff who are simultaneously capable of helping traumatized populations and resilient to the radiating nature of traumatic stress.  This calls us to create reflective, resilient, and learning organizations.

I bring a mindset of innovation.  I work hard to understand the question at the heart of consultation, what outcome is desired, and what products will result.  You will find that I am skilled as an observer, questioner, and listener. I am a clear communicator in spoken and written forms. I have strong analytical and critical thinking skills — and a heart of compassion for the work we do.    

Here are some examples of my work in consultation:

Child and Family Mental Health with a special emphasis on early promotion, prevention, intervention, and treatment

Program design, development, implementation and evaluation

Project management

Selecting, implementing, and adapting evidence based practices

School-based mental health delivery systems

The intersection of cultural, social, environmental, family, and individual factors related to well-being, toxic stress, trauma and resilience

Creating trauma-informed, trauma sensitive, and trauma resilient systems and organizations

Transforming the culture of organizations to promote trauma sensitivity, resilience, and healing

Reflective Practice with direct care, supervisor, and management level staff as a means to resist effects of secondary traumatic stress  — in partnership with the Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children

Trauma informed  classrooms, schools, and service systems

Integrating principles of trauma informed care into service providing organizations