“Life forever invites us to grow into new challenges, new adventures, new opportunities to learn and to serve.   What’s your growing edge? Maybe it’s a quest for meaning or purpose. Or for a vocation where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need. Or for ways to join others in working for the common good”.  Carrie Newcomer and Parker Palmer


At the end of 2018, I retired from full time work, but with the full intention of continuing to offer and invest my years of experience as a therapist,  manager,  and educator.  Throughout these years, there has always been something new on the horizon to engage my hope, energy, and curiosity — and that is still the case.   Fontenelle House is my new home for consultation and training services — my “growing edge”.  

I offer more than 35 years of experience in early childhood, child mental health, parent education, child and family therapy, trauma treatment, recovery, and resiliency. I have been a professional therapist, clinical supervisor, and director; including the development of innovative and non traditional programs to address trauma, addictions, and mental health needs of children, parents, and families. I have worked with mental health clinics, schools, child welfare and community service agencies to implement trauma-sensitive services and culture.

Consultation and training can be useful at the individual level — one on one or small group work around challenges in a case; at the program level, or in collaboration across systems. You’ll see examples on the Training and Consultation pages, but I consider each situation, request, or problem as new and unique. I will work with you to fullly understand the nature of your concern, agree on the results you are seeking, and design an intervention that will bring us to an effective resolution.

Contact Information:

Barbara Jessing, MS

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Family Therapist

Fontenelle House

2702 Fontenelle Blvd

Omaha, NE 68104